The Camp


LR Creative is founded by four individuals who've come together for one shared passion: to create.


Whether it be through a lens, a brush tool, or a moodboard...creating is what we love to do and is an integral part of our existence. It’s what fuels us in the morning and what keeps us going late into the night. We are all about creating content that resonates with people and creates a unique emotional connection.

The four of us met when we were all working together in fashion e-commerce. We started our own company because we have experience building strong brands and we wanted to continue doing just that. From video and photography to brand and web design, we’ve merged our talents to create more powerfully than we ever could on our own. We now work together to take brands to the next level - we don’t just create; we elevate.





LR Creative stands for "Left Brain, Right Brain"

because as a team, we are both creative and logical. We’re logical problem solvers who dream up creative solutions.
We’re creatives who understand precise logistics. We’re ready to help you make your imagination a reality.


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