The Client

Popflex, a clothing brand by Cassey Ho of Blogilates.

Our Services

Video Production

The Project

Cassey wanted to show the journey of the Popflex clothing - all the hard work it takes and the long, thoughtful process it goes through to get it perfect for her customers.

The Results

99,920 views and over 500 comments on YouTube! Fan reaction was amazing. Everyone felt really emotional and moved by the video. Lots of comments saying they cried while watching it.

We took a tour of her design studio & workspace to get an idea of the entire process and to brainstorm creative ways to showcase the journey. The goal was to have her customers understand the love that goes behind every piece in a creative way - informational, but not boring.

Fun Facts

This was our very first project with Cassey Ho!

Cassey’s studio is filled with deliciously healthy treats (i.e. nutrition bars, protein bars, and gluten free chips galore), so the crew was never hungry. Much appreciated, Cassey!



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