The Client

ThreadSence, a boho lifestyle brand that mixes art & music with fashion.  

Our Services

Photography & Film
Creative Direction
Graphic Design

The Project

To create a lookbook that told a story with the products & of the brand while showcasing the new fall line.


As part of the ThreadSence creative team, we came up with the idea of using the iconic character Penny from Almost Famous as inspiration. The sexy, fun, and slight rocker aesthetic allowed Penny to bring the fall collection to life.

The concept of Penny wouldn’t be complete without a band. We found a local indie band Max & the Moon, whose vibe & aesthetic matched perfectly.  Their song Harps was a match made in musical heaven.

We found a beautiful boho loft & vintage studio. The photography focused on capturing the mood and essence of Penny, while highlighting the fall pieces with inspirational lifestyle shots, showing the collection as both relatable and wearable.

The film that accompanied the lookbook brought the story of Penny and Max and the Moon to life. It really allowed us to give the campaign more depth. We wrote the storyline and used different transition techniques to showcase all the different fall pieces, while successfully maintaining the storyline and not distract from the overall mood and experience.

Fun Facts

This lookbook and video were everyone’s favorite TS lookbook ever!

The closing shots were filmed at an actual Max and the Moon concert. We also shot an acoustic session in the studio as a separate video to further showcase the ThreadSence team’s support for local indie artists.





Photography + creative direction


Graphic Design


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