The Client

Haley Goodrich is a registered dietitian who is fiercely passionate about helping others create healthy eating habits and cultivate a positive body image. Her private practice, Inspird Nutrition, is all about empowerment - not diets or restrictions.

Our Services

Logo & Brand Design
Web Design & Build
Photography & Video Production

The Project

Haley wanted to help modernize the look and feel of her brand and redo her website to create a better user experience and to capture her brand on a deeper level.

This project was a part of our ongoing collaboration with WellSeek to help brand their network of RDs.

The Results

We created a new logo & brand design to match her overall vision. We wanted to create an aesthetic that was modern, simple, and clean with elevated touches to maintain a beautiful and professional business aspect. To keep in line with that theme, we kept the color palette minimal with black, white, and gray and added a gold accent for that elevated/modern touch.

The aim of the web design & build was to re-design her website with the updated look as well as create a seamless and user friendly experience. We took her personal photos and created the promo video for her Inspird Mentor Program. The remainder of the images were sourced to match her brand: bright with simple backdrops. It was important for Haley to keep the maintenance on her website low due to how busy her business and life was, so we kept the designs easy for her to update content as her business grew



Logo & Brand Design


Web Design & Build


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Video Production


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