The Client

Everly is a young contemporary women’s clothing line created by two sister’s Fabiana & Adriana .  Always collaborating and bringing together their different personalities, their shared passion is what brings the Everly girl to life. A blend of modern & trendy with classic sophistication, the pieces are inspired by their own personal wardrobe and by their love & passions in life.

Our Services

Creative Direction
Film / Video Production
Print Catalog & Graphic Design

The Project

Everly reached out to us to shoot their big Fall/Holiday campaign, which would be launched at the Magic tradeshow. The owners wanted the campaign to really highlight the Everly girl & the lifestyle: fun, confident, classic, trendy.

The Results

We created the concept of a retro-modern theme with trendy silhouettes and looks. We shot at a mid-century modern home in the Hollywood, hills which was the perfect backdrop to the concept as well as the fall & holiday pieces. The photography focused on capturing  the playfulness and effortless confidence of the Everly girl, as well as highlighting the clothing details.

The video focused on the pieces and the details, giving a different look and feel to their clothing and bringing the overall story to life.

The video got great reactions and reviews at Magic and in the showroom. It was said to be one of people’s favorites at the tradeshow. We also created the print catalog, newsletter blast, and social graphics to help market the campaign.

Fun Facts

This was the first big campaign video for Everly!



Photography + Creative Direction




Print Catalog




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