The Client

Crystal Karges is a registered dietitian who’s mission is to empower mothers to nourish themselves first, so that they may better nourish their.  Her goal is to create a global community of strong, thriving parents, who are learning to nourish their families’ minds, bodies, and souls.

Our Services

Brand Identity & Strategy
Logo & Brand Design
Web Design & Build
Photography & Video Production

The Project

We were approached by Crystal to help brand her business and take it to the next level.

She had a really bad experience with a previous designer and wanted to start fresh. Our goal was to make her branding beautiful and her experience especially enjoyable.
This project was a part of our ongoing collaboration with WellSeek to help brand their network of RDs.

The Results

The launch received a fantastic reaction and Crystal has been able to work on her private practice full time! We were able to deliver a seamless and positive experience throughout the project.

In collaboration with Wellseek, we worked together in discovering the brand’s mission, vision, values, and target clientele. We developed a tag line and brand strategy to really get her message out there - “Start with You.”

We created the logo & brand design to match her brand that focused on family, love, and children. We wanted her brand to match her personality, so we chose an overall design aesthetic that was romantic, rustic, and warm with a touch of whimsy. We kept the color palette soft, natural, and earthy with some hints of color, and used playful elements through images. We photographed the imagery on her website and created a promo video to help further engage her audience.

The aim of the web design & build was to create a website that would help grow her private practice. Not only did we focus on the design, but we helped with the overall web plan and copy to ensure her a unique brand voice, a user friendly experience, and to successfully promote her overall brand message.

Fun Facts

Our team was really inspired by Crystal’s journey from her struggles with anorexia, postpartum depression, and becoming a mother of four to launching her private practice with the desire to inspire parents! We love working with incredible clients who have passion for what they do.

Crystal was so nice and appreciative throughout the entire project, we would joke that if you ever needed a pick-me-up, you could just call Crystal and you would feel instantly amazing.



Logo & Brand Design

Crystal Karges Nutrition Logo Design by LR Creative
Crystal Karges Nutrition Business Card Designs by LR Creative
Crystal Karges Nutrition Branding by LR Creative

Web Design & Build




video production


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