The Client

Beyond Polish is an up and coming beauty e-tailer that provides popular nail polish at affordable prices.

Our Services

Web Design & Build
Photography & Creative Direction
Social Media and Email Marketing

The Project

We were challenged with rebranding Beyond Polish and create content that would build engagement, increase revenue, and create an emotional connection with their customers.

Beyond Polish had no idea where to start. They knew they had hit a plateau and they were missing a true creative and brand direction, as well points of differentiation. They craved growth, brand recognition, and to be established as industry leaders.

The Results

Beyond Polish saw a month-over-month increase in revenue (13%), AOV (10%), and a 62% jump in newsletter subscribers.

Website engagement saw a 30% increase while social engagement saw an astounding 400% increase!

We created a new brand identity with a new classic & modern brand design. Then we created content through new photography & creative direction and built a website around the new direction. The aim was to create a seamless experience across all devices from desktop to mobile and provide not only a more engaging design and aesthetic, but better user experience.

We re-branded and re-strategized all social media platforms, with a focus on Instagram & Facebook. We created new content, a new brand voice, and an overall new aesthetic.

Developing their email marketing strategy and creating weekly campaigns rounded out the project. The goal was to market the new brand, grow their engagement with their current customers, and introduce a new revenue stream.



Logo & Brand Design


Web Design & Build


Photography & Creative Direction


Social Media & Email Marketing


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