The Client

Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters is one of Youtube’s most popular influencers in the lifestyle and health & beauty space. Boasting 2M+ Youtube subscribers and 1.5M+ Instagram followers, she’s one of the internet’s go-to figure for style, tutorials, and lifestyle advice.

Our Services

Film & Video Production
Visual Effects


The Project

In 2016, Jenn approached us with a challenge to put a unique twist on a popular Youtube concept: “What’s in my bag.”


  • Through rigorous planning, production, and post-production work, we were successful in creating one of the most unique WIMB videos in the space.
  • The video has garnered 467K views and 34K likes!
  • Our video collaborations with Jenn have generated 2.8M views on Youtube.

Fun Facts

  • We implemented the freeze effect technique in this video one week prior the mannequin challenge video going viral!
  • This is our seventh video collaboration with Jenn and our 12th overall.


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